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Gov/Con & Construction Events | Evolve 2023 Growth Summit

Evolve 2023 Attracts Record Attendees and Sponsors In its second year, the Evolve 2023 Growth Summit by Anglin Reichmann Armstrong has doubled in size, attracting government contracting and construction attendees as well as a record number of sponsors. Co-hosted by ABC of North Alabama and The Catalyst Center for Business Entrepreneurship, the event was held...
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Preparing the Incurred Cost Submission

Your Incurred Cost Submission has been provided to DCAA and deemed adequate, now what? After determining the final indirect rates, the contractor must address their adjusting invoices. Adjusting invoices are a result of the difference between the final indirect rate burden calculated at the end of the year and the provisional (or target) indirect rate...
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Part III: Accounting Is This, Not That: Reimagining Accounting Leadership

By: Brandon Smith, CPA In my last article, I talked about how being the managing partner of a public accounting and advisory firm wasn’t exactly my dream. I didn’t fit the old suit-and-tie model, but I did like fresh ideas, technology and people. It turns out that these interests are far more important than how...
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Part II: Accounting is This, Not That: Opportunities for Non-CPAs

By: Brandon Smith, CPA Managing Partner, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C. Today’s accounting world is not just accounting; it encompasses the whole aspect of running an effective business or a personal estate. The questions that we get at our CPA and advisory firm run the gamut. Clients want to know about operations management efficiency, what type...
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Part I – Accounting Is This, Not That: The Future of People Skills in an AI World

By: Brandon Smith, CPA If you had a crystal ball back in 2002 and told me as a young database programmer that I would one day lead a top, mid-sized accounting firm, I would have been surprised. I didn’t know then how much the accounting industry would soon rely on analytics, key performance indicators and...
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Chris Cook, Manager in the Tax Advisory Services Department, in front of Anglin office.

R&D Tax Credit Enforcement: Save These Records

By: Christopher D. Cook, CPA The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) allocated $45.6 billion to the IRS specifically for tax enforcement activities that would include hiring more enforcement agents, providing legal support and investing in “investigative technology.” That is an enforcement funding increase of 69% relative to prior projections, according to the Congressional Research Service. While...
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