Mclaurin Aerospace is a woman-owned, advanced technology government contracting business that develops solutions to the most pressing challenges in aviation, space exploration, and defense. The owners began working with Anglin Reichmann Armstrong in the beginning of 2012 when they were referred by a commercial lending contact at a bank in Huntsville, Alabama. It was important for Mclaurin owners that their CPAs understood government contracting and the compliance and regulations in the industry.

The team at Anglin serves as an outsourced CFO for Mclaurin. They set up cost codes for timekeeping, manage employee onboarding and payroll, conduct monthly financial reporting and prepare corporate and owner taxes.

Mclaurin has relied on Anglin as a key part of strategic planning and contract reporting. As a government contractor, the company has a number of compliance requirements that must be met in order to keep their contracts. For Mclaurin’s Director of Engineering, Les Hall, Anglin’s ability to keep him up to speed on what is happening in the industry has been a significant benefit to the relationship.

In 2016, Anglin helped Mclaurin obtain HUBZone small business certification. HUBZone certification allows a government contracting business to compete in a limited field for contracts in underutilized business zones and set-aside contracts. It also provides a 10 percent price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions. HUBZone certification is a beneficial tool that helps smaller government contracting firms compete against larger companies.

All services for Mclaurin include:

• Employee onboarding, payroll management and 401K eligibility
• Consultation related to DCAA requirements
• Forward pricing budgets and incurred cost submissions
• Cost impact analysis
• Proposal pricing support
• Prime contractor reporting
• Strategic planning and capital expenditures
• Comprehensive corporate and individual tax planning, compliance and advisory services
• Business licensing
• HUBZone Certification

One of the key areas where Anglin has stood out for Mclaurin is in their willingness to do anything that is asked of them. Les Hall knows that even his unusual requests will be handled by the team. He has also experienced the team’s willingness to make accounting and financial strategies understandable to him. His trust in Anglin is deep, and he can be as involved in the accounting as he wants yet knows that everything is on track to meet the company’s goals.

Negotiating a contract can be a big deal. We work with Mclaurin to create pricing that can mitigate some of that risk and identify opportunities to diversify. You can never remove the risk completely, but you can build in some safeguards to help.

Brandon Smith, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong Partner, Solution Services Group

Anglin’s collaboration extends to regular check-ins with Mclaurin owners, including the occasional lunch where they can touch base and connect on a personal level. For Les, both the technical aptitude and the personality is key for his outsourced CFO team. He enjoys the camaraderie with the government contracting team at Anglin. They get a lot accomplished and have great conversation.

Whether they are providing comprehensive outsourced CFO and advisory services to growing contractors like Mclaurin, or providing proposal support and attestation services to larger contractors, Anglin tailors the experience to each client with an eye on the future.


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About Mclaurin Aerospace

Mclaurin Aerospace is an advanced technology small business that leverages unmatched technical leadership to develop solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges in aviation, space exploration, and defense. After 21 years of successful innovation, they have launched a new experience.