Troy7 is a successful government contractor on a variety of government defense and aerospace projects. The owners selected Anglin Reichmann Armstrong as their CPA firm in 2017 to help them set up the software, internal accounting processes and operational capacities for growth. This includes working directly with the CFO and helping the company prepare for prime contracting opportunities in the future.

Anglin’s government contracting team recently worked with Troy7 on a pricing template. Built to follow the company’s accounting system the template supports accurate pricing of a prime contract, including ease of requesting estimates from subs and submitting proposals directly to client U.S. defense agencies.

Pricing is usually the first communication Troy7 will have with potential subcontractors, so the tool needs to communicate a professional image while capturing all potential costs, said Brandon Smith, CPA, CGMA, partner in Anglin’s Solutions Services Group. The pricing template is a technical tool, but also a source of confidence for the company to serve as prime when it makes business sense.

For Troy7 CEO, Lynn Troy, that feeling of trust and confidence in her advisors has made all the difference.

Other services for Troy7 include:

• Strategic advisory and accounting support for management
• Unanet implementation
• Accounting systems set-up to meet FAR requirements
• Consultation related to FAR, DAS and DCAA requirements
• Forward pricing budgets and incurred cost submissions
• Cost impact analysis
• Cost volumes and other pricing proposal support
• Comprehensive corporate and individual tax planning, compliance and advisory services, including multi-state taxation matters
• R&D credits
• Wage surveys
• HR support

One of the other key differences that Troy7 has experienced with Anglin is the team’s willingness to work collaboratively. For example, when working on the pricing template, Michelle Jenkins, CPA, Anglin Manager, worked closely with Troy7 CFO, Alison Fields. Together, they made sure that the template functioned for proposals, but also made intuitive sense and integrated with other financial tools.

I helped them build the pricing template within a tight timeline, then Alison and I sat down to walk through how it works and to perform some pricing exercises. We went through several versions to refine it, and now it’s an internal tool they can use repeatedly for future bidding.

Michelle Jenkins, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong Solutions Manager

Anglin’s collaboration extends to regular check-ins with Troy7 owners and the finance team, including the occasional lunch where they can touch base and learn from each other. For example, when Troy7’s staff grew to more than 50 people,   Anglin offered guidance on human resources matters. Anglin also advises on multi-state taxation and nexus studies as the company enters new states.

Whether they are providing comprehensive services to growing contractors like Troy7, or providing proposal support and attestation services to larger contractors, Anglin tailors the experience to each client with an eye on the future.



troy7-logo-retinaAbout Troy7, Inc.

Troy 7, Inc. is a growing, woman-owned aerospace engineering corporation supporting more than 350 missile defense and space flight missions for the Missile Defense Agency, Space and Missile Defense Command, and NASA. The company was founded in November 2007 in Huntsville, Alabama.