Anglin Reichmann Armstrong’s Attestation Group assists real estate settlement attorneys and title companies by performing ALTA (American Land Title Association) Best Practices compliance benchmarking and assurance reporting services. The Best Practices Framework was developed as a result of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s determination that lending institutions will be held liable for not only their own actions, but also for the actions of their vendors. Because of their responsibility to manage their third-party vendors, lenders have begun requiring that a third-party certification package be completed to demonstrate compliance.

We utilize attestation standards as required by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, so our clients can be confident of the assessment process and results.  We start with a preliminary assessment.  Depending on the number of residential closing in a year, we then recommend a review or an examination.

Preliminary Assessment
  • Analysis of your current level of compliance
  • Identification of areas to be remediated
  • Development of a customize remediation plan
  • Recommended for businesses with fewer than 360 residential closings per year
  • Compliance review and reporting
  • Receive a certification package, including a CPA review report
  • Recommended for businesses with more than 360 residential closings per year
  • Assessment procedures
  • Highest level of compliance testing and reporting
  • Receive a certification package, including a CPA examination report
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