I think the biggest value is that I don’t ever recall a time we needed them and they haven’t been there. If we need help with something, the team is always available. They have a tremendous ability to respond quickly and to ensure we have the resources we need. We’re not their largest client but we treated as if we are.

Sandra Cepeda, President and CEO, Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis, Inc.

The benefit of outsourcing for us comes from the strength of the government contracting team at Anglin. They have deep industry knowledge and stay current on everything happening and, in turn, they keep me informed. They are really adept at accounting concepts and explain my company’s financial statements in a way that I can understand them, providing clarity and peace of mind. My company couldn’t function without them.

Les Hall, Director of Engineering, Mclaurin Aerospace

Anglin has a whole team that focuses on government contracting. They are constantly updating us on new regulations or changes. If there is something new to submit, they tell us. It gives me a lot of relief and freedom to trust our financials as well as the tax work they do for us in multiple states. It’s just been phenomenal. 

Lynn Troy, CEO, Troy7

The professionalism exhibited during the purchase phase – while providing the previous owner with tax advice and planning, as well as helping us structure a plan that would ensure the continued success of the business – was most impressive. I was convinced at this point that we had made the right choice with you and your firm.

Jimmy Wall, President, Jesse Stutts, Inc.

Within six months, and before I formally changed accountants, [Anglin · Reichmann · Snellgrove & Armstrong] had given me enough information to reclaim a substantial amount from the IRS and had answered those initial strategic [business tax] questions to my satisfaction.

Joseph C. Lee, General Manager, Lee Builders, Inc.

Anglin · Reichmann · Snellgrove & Armstrong’s expertise and knowledge of the commercial construction field has enabled us to grow our business much faster than anticipated.

Joseph P. Moon, President, Moon Construction Services, Inc.