The professionals at Anglin give their time and talent throughout the year in various ways. One way is through our annual Serve Day, an opportunity to work together and make a difference for not-for-profit organizations where we live and work. This year was no exception and we helped seven organizations!

Our special thanks go to all volunteers and our host organizations. Your teamwork makes the dream work!

305 8th Street

Jack Kline, Brody White, Jesse Beck, Luke McIntyre, and Nathan Belgard spent the morning decorating the facility for Christmas by hanging ornaments on their tree, setting up inflatable decorations, hanging lights on their sign, and hanging wreaths. It was fun getting in the Christmas spirit with the staff and volunteering our time to bring Christmas cheer to others.

Manna House

Kendall Vantrease, Whitney O’Rear, Raven Hulsey, Wendy Tucker, Arianne Esteve, Lauren Sanders, and Natalie Shannon had a wonderful time at the hydroponic garden.  The hydroponic garden is where the Manna House grows its lettuce.  All the lettuce is grown indoors in a controlled environment.  One of our team’s tasks was helping to clean lettuce transport bins in preparation for their harvest for the following week.  Other tasks included helping remove dead leaves from the heads of lettuce that were about to be harvested; some also helped sweep and clean the garden floors.


LeAnne Goode, Adam Fekula, Rebecca Givens, Katherine Castro, Javier Castro, and Kami Minor had an eye-opening experience learning about the needs of foster children in the community.  Prior to arriving that afternoon, we received notification that the warehouse was out of all infant- to early toddler-toys.  We quickly responded by sending a message out to the firm to alert everyone of the need, and within a few hours our firm had donated over $600! We took that money and delivered a carload of toys to the warehouse when we arrived to volunteer that day. Then we helped to shop kids’ wish lists! We were able to fulfill the wish lists of many more children thanks to the toys we delivered that day.

First Stop Homeless Center

Angela Sparks, Melissa Jose, Maggie Maxime, Christian Gunner, Colleen Singles, Jordan Jerry, Denise Miles, Martina Langford, Amanda Langley, Christine Bryant, and Karen Norton created handmade fleece tie blankets and packed individual hygiene bags for the homeless community.

Village of Promise

Porter Goebel, Jeremy Mosteller, Ashley Essner, Gary Anglin, and Dustin Schaefer spent the morning helping to clear out the library so they could get ready for a remodel project there!  It was rewarding to help serve lunch and do a variety of other to-do items.

Huntsville Community Drumline

John Prince, Daniel Murillo, Ethan Thomas, Rachel Duplechain, and Scott Hand devoted their morning to clearing out the brush on the side of the building, picking up trash all around the building, and replacing burned-out light bulbs inside.  While there, Scott Hand also provided some QuickBooks Online support!  You can’t take the accounting out of the accountant!

Pensacola Waterfront Rescue Mission

Marrisa Hudson, Meg Hampton, Christina Bethune, Caroline Guinn, Hannah Mays, Jarot Scarbrough, Amy Heatherington, and Lexus Lambert volunteered in the recycling and baling center and assisted with prepping and serving lunch at the Mission’s shelter.

Overall, it was rewarding to see the good and lend a hand. We look forward to this event every year and always give thanks for the opportunities.

Serve Day 2022