The Anatomy of a Rocket Design

The design of our rocket for the Rockets on Parade event at the U.S Space & Rocket Center was a collaboration of many people at the firm. We developed a Rocket Committee that consisted of 11 people from our firm to conceptualize a design. The committee considered a number of themes before finally settling on the final design for the rocket.

At Anglin, we live by the motto “Go Farther.” We live this every day with our clients. It’s not just about the services we offer and the industries we serve, it’s about the relationships we build with each and every person we work with. That is the message we wanted to convey in the design of our rocket.

Once a design was selected, our talented intern, Kendall Day, spent nearly 50 hours on painting the rocket.

The rocket is currently being displayed at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center along with 60 other rockets. It will come home to our Huntsville office and be displayed for visitors to see.

Great work to our Rocket Committee and painter, Kendall Day. We wish Kendall all the best as she heads back to school this fall.